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Designed for men who refuse to settle for mediocrity, MAN+Formula is more than just a supplement; it’s a commitment to revitalizing your life, empowering your confidence, and reigniting the flame of desire.

  • Unleash Your Inner Drive
  • Optimized Natural Vitality
  • Boost Confidence, Unshakable Self-Assurance
  • Natural + Potent
  • Revolutionary Benefits not previously documented in medical or lay public literature
Libido Enhancement

MAN+ Formula is scientifically formulated to revitalize your libido, promoting a healthy and active sex life. Rediscover the passion and intimacy that makes relationships thrive.

Energy and Stamina

Our supplement not only enhances libido but also provides an energy boost to support stamina and endurance. Experience the vitality you need to make every moment memorable.

Manufactured by Aviva Natural Supplements

Aviva Natural Supplements manufactures & packages capsules, tablets, powder blends and liquids at a UL GMP certified facility located in New Brunswick, NJ.



    A pioneering blend at the nexus of nature-inspired ingredients and cutting-edge scientific optimization, meticulously crafted to invigorate and elevate the male experience. Through a harmonious fusion of botanical extracts, essential vitamins, and mineral compounds, this potent supplement synergistically targets multiple facets of well-being. Engineered with precision, the formula seamlessly integrates the wisdom of traditional herbal remedies with contemporary nutritional science, ensuring maximal efficacy and bioavailability. By augmenting energy levels, enhancing mood stability, and promoting hormonal equilibrium, MAN+ Formula catalyzes a holistic transformation, empowering men to navigate the challenges of modern life with vigor and vitality. Furthermore, Dr. Beltran’s proprietary Libido Matrix facilitates the enhancement of libido, fostering a renewed sense of confidence and vitality in intimate encounters. MAN+ Formula stands as a testament to the marriage of nature's bounty and scientific innovation, delivering unparalleled support for the dynamic demands of masculinity.

    trust + transparency

    • natural ingredients

    • reclaim vitality

    • remove brain fog

    • rediscover balance

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