Dr. Beltran's Full Interview with Biohacking with Brittany

Dr. Beltran's Full Interview with Biohacking with Brittany


Dr. Robert Beltran, MD, PharmD, FACS, creator of Recomnd was recently featured on the Biohacking with Brittany podcast to discuss the life-changing potential of natural supplements. Celebrated for fusing traditional knowledge with contemporary research, Dr. Beltran describes how he overcame personal health issues to create ground-breaking supplements that improve intimacy, emotional stability, and mental clarity. Join us, as we explore the effects of holistic health practices and see how these natural cures are transforming conventional treatments.

In this episode:

11:00 - Dr. Robert’s background and why he started his new line of supplements

17:00 - Brain enhancement ingredients and herbs

24:00 - How a holistic approach can help with mental health

26:30 - Why people are hesitant to try a holistic approach for mental wellness

30:00 - Optimizing men’s intimacy and libido

38:30 - Enhancing women’s intimacy and libido

43:00 - How supplements are changing in today’s world

47:00 - How to choose your supplements and what to look for